Sunday, 18 December 2011


If you look closely, you can just see our resident Robin sitting on a plant pot waiting to fly down and grab something to eat. He chirps most days and can be seen all year round. I love him.
Who is your little buddy this week? Leave a comment with the link to your post so we can have a look.
I'm off to the other side of the country for Christmas now, but will be feeding the birds when we get there. I hope to take photos to share with you in the New Year.
Until then, HAPPY CHRISTMAS. Have a wonderful time. x

Monday, 5 December 2011


The beginning of December is so busy for me because I try to join in with Tim Holtz' 12 tags of Christmas. Making the tags is time consuming enough, but having to do all the 'Christmassy' bits too, time generally is at a premium.
There have been no birds around for a few days, the fish are feeling the cold and gone deep and no other little pal has been here. So, this week I thought I would share this beautiful X-stitch picture of a kitty lying on a shelf.
I didn't make this. It was made by my special pal and step-daughter, Susanna. She is super talented because I can tell you in all honesty, the back looks just as good as the front.
So who are you spending your crafting time with this week? Please leave a comment with a link to your post so we can come and have a look.

Monday, 28 November 2011


The bird food wreath is going down a treat, so my little buddies this week have been very well fed. Infact, today, there have been dozens of great tits, coal tits, a robin, tree sparrows, a collared dove and 2 blue tits enjoying the feast. Can you make some of them out in these photos...
Who is your buddy this week. Leave a comment with a link to your post so we can all come and see.

Monday, 21 November 2011


Here is a lovely little Xmas twit twoo buddy that I would love as a house mate.
Expertly, lovingly and extremely neatly made by my special step-daughter, Paula, this little buddy lives at her house. I reckon he will have a few pals for himself before 'twoo' long, lol.
Where and 'whoo' are your pals this week. Leave a comment with a link to your post so we can pop over for a peep.

Monday, 14 November 2011


I found a little buddy in the autumn colours of the garden this week. Can you see him?
Right in the middle, and here too,

You have to look really closely. It's a bumble bee. There was one a few years ago about 3' from this spot, he was tunneling in the ground which is, I believe, where some spend the winter.
Who is your buddy this week? Please leave a comment with a link to your picture so we can pop along and see.

Sunday, 6 November 2011


We had our first frost last night so I made this little bird feast just in time yesterday.
I had saved the wire circle from my Christmas wreath last year with the intentions of making this bird feast this year. I cut some of the branches from the big 'floppy' tree over the small pond and wired them around the frame. then all I did was wire the treats to that. simple.
Both Robin and Blackie have been 'eying' it up already. Coupled with some meal worms, seeds and suet on the ground, a big fat ball tube hidden in the big tree and some other bits in feeding tubes and bags scattered around, I hope our feathery visitors enjoy their meals this winter. They become my outside buddies through the dark, miserable days and give me great pleasure whilst I craft away in my little space.
What are your buddies up to then?
Leave a comment with a link to your post so we can all pop over and see.
Just in case you can't open the link to see Thomas - the quality control pusscat who belongs to Lindsay Mason - follow this link:

Monday, 17 October 2011


That's right, this week I have news of a buddy who helps other people. If you are unable to walk your dog for what ever reason, if you want your pet looking after whilst you go on holiday or into hospital, or even if you need errands doing or housework or even help with those awful official forms, this little buddy can do all that. The only down side is, she only works around the St. Annes, Ansdell, Fairhavem, Lytham areas of the North West coast of Lancashire.
Who is it then???
My lovely pal and step-daughter, Susanna.
So who is your buddy this week?
Leave a comment with a link to your post and we can all visit and see.

Monday, 10 October 2011


We have a little problem. Infact, we have had this problem for the last 23 years!!!
He came to live with us when I was a manager and my staff bought him for me as a joke. Some joke!! It's a case of 'the monkey on your back'. A saying that is used when there is a problem and you need to off load it.
He has caused both laughter and tears and obviously gets the blame when things go wrong. At the moment he is living in the motorhome and only manages to creep into the house when we are not looking.
I caught him on the phone when we were away the other week and that was after he had been playing 'T's' guitar!!!!!
What a little monkey!
What has your little monkey been up to lately? Leave a comment with a link to your post so we can pop over and see.

Monday, 3 October 2011


I have been 'house sitting' this morning waiting for some goods to arrive for my step daughter Susi. Her new house is home to these beauties who have been keeping me company.


Who are you sharing your day with?

Hazel has tried to comment and upload her post but Blogger isn't playing.
Here it is:

Monday, 12 September 2011


They know how to do it eh!
How come it takes me hours to get comfy in bed (although my bed is soooo comfy) but it takes a pusscat a nano second to snuggle down and fall asleep?
This is Lucy (Lulu) my son's female Korat. She always has a greeting for you, unlike Frank, her brother, who is a big scaredy cat and runs a mile or never even bothers to make an appearance.
Unfortunatley, I haven't seen her for some time now so miss a cuddle. But, isn't she a beauty?
Leave a comment with a link to your post so we can all enjoy your little buddy this week.

Monday, 5 September 2011


My crafty pal this week is so super fit, but he does have to have a short break between exercises.

Huxley, office dog to Quentin James Designs and talkative Tibetan Terrier, takes regular exercise this way!!
He keeps his 'stealth-like' figure by working out and eating sausages and pork pies!! Now there's some one after my own heart! - the food not the workout!
He is taking a well earned rest this week, from all his office duties, and vacationing up north.
What is your buddy doing this week?
Please leave a comment with a link to your blog post so we can see.

Monday, 29 August 2011


I was searching through my picture package and came across this lovely photo - my gorgeous Toby, not me.
Not sure when this was taken, but it was obviously during a stint away in the motorhome.
Toby always found a lap to lie on no matter how uncomfortable he was, but he was the very best buddy ever, never questioning, never expecting anything more than companionship and food and always full of love. How lucky we have been to have known him.
Who are you sharing your knee with this week??

Tuesday, 23 August 2011


Bit late this week, but as the saying goes, ' better late than never'.
The small pond at ours holds my DH's fish. If he gets money for his birthday or Xmas that he doesn't spend on model aircraft parts or similar, he buys a fish. Earlier this year he bought 2 lovely little comets, white with red tanchos on their head. However, little did he realise that they were THE most 'active' fish in the world!! Get my drift??
Usually the pond water is very clear, but for most of this summer it has been churned up by these activities. Today is no exception.
There is an air bubbler just where they are 'performing' which is on a timer. Just wait 'til that comes on, 'cos that will put a stop to their shenanigans(sp?)
As in previous weeks, if you leave me a link to your buddy post, I will upload it here. I've given up with Mr. Linky.

Sunday, 14 August 2011


2 of my crafting pals have lost their little buddies this week, so I thought it appropriate to remember all our buddies who are waiting for us to join them again.

Monday, 1 August 2011


I share some sad news today. Little Marble has gone to hamster heaven.
If you have been following Crafting Buddies you will know that Marble belongs to Hazel, a very talented crafter who lives in Scotland.
If you follow this link you will see little Marble and be able to send some comfort to Hazel and her 2 boys.

Monday, 18 July 2011


I have a couple more photos of Kobe for you this week. These were taken after his operation.
He looks so tiny and vulnerable.

He is getting better each day now and his stroller is aiding his recovery and dare I say - his mum and dad's backs!!
Who is your little champion this week?
That Mr Linky has given up on me, so please blog your photo and let me know so I can link it to here, or send me an email with your photo.

Monday, 4 July 2011


Today I thought I would share with you one of my crafting friends little buddy.
His name is Kobe and he has been in the wars for the last few weeks. He hurt his leg very badly which led to him having an operation to repair a ligament. This, unfortunately didn't go too well, and poor Kobe had to have yet another on the same leg. To make matters worse, his 'good' leg wasn't actually that good, so he had to have that one sorted too.
He hasn't complained through all this awful torment, not even through the physio he now has.
His mum is my pal and here she is with Kobe - in his new stroller - and his gorgeous pal Asa, at the famous donkey santuary in Devon.
Get better soon Kobe. xxx
Please let me know you have posted on your blog about your little buddy this week, and I will link it to this post.

Monday, 27 June 2011


That's right, except for a mouse, I don't have a crafting buddy this week. This pesky little mouse had me awake at 4.45am. I think he is trying to eat the wardrobes!! We just can't can't catch him at all in order to send him packing elsewhere and eat someone else's wardrobes. - Sorry to the person that happens to next, but we have had enough. The birds are busy with their next brood so have moved to a new location and only visit rarely for food now. Our fish are 'at it!!!!' again and have therefore muddied the ponds and I can't see them. I did see the most gorgeous little bright red butterfly (or it could have been a moth) yesterday. Far too quick for a photo. That was a shame as I've never ever seen one like that before.
So, I thought I would show you a photo of a plate we have in the motorhome. We won this on a rally about 18yrs ago and has been in each van since then.
Last week we had baby hogs and a baby Jack Russell. Both so adoring.
Please blog your little pal and I will pop along and link it to this post - obviously let me know you have posted first. This Mr Linky has given up the ghost so the above is the only way forward just now.
Looking forward to seeing who is your buddy this week.

Monday, 20 June 2011


I've been away for nearly a week to a model flying show in the motorhome. This time though, I took some prints with me to alter ready for a re-decorate in the front room.
My little buddy, who lives on a shelf in the back room in the motorhome, kept his eye on me.
Here he is:
He's a little owl and is quite old now. He loves to look out of the window at the countryside but prefers to stay warm and dry inside these days.
What have your crafting buddies been up to this week? Leave a comment with a link to your blog post so we can all have a look. Mr Linky has given up on me - along with Blogger comments - so I won't even try to upload him this time.

Lovely Hazel up in Scotland now has the most adorable Jack Russell puppy called Belle.
Here is a link to her post today:

And just look who Heather had round for a bit of gardening this week.
Here is the link to her post:

Monday, 6 June 2011


This week my buddies are outdoors again as I haven't really done any crafting at all.
There is a female blackbird who visits several times a day and has become so used to me that I am positive if I held a handful of food long enough, she would feed from it. However, it's her husband who I managed to capture on film this time.
He is a gorgeous specimen, proud, wary and has a beautiful voice.

A dish of meal worms and berry suet went down a treat. But - what is this?

It's that pesky little mouse that lives in the brickwork of the big pond. As I was taking a photo of Mr Blackie out popped 'speedy Gonzales'. How I managed to get this photo of him was amazing because once click later he had grabbed his suet and disappeared.

Now then little mouse, are you the pesky little critter that has been waking us up at daft o'clock each morning??? If so, pack it in!!!!!
I'll have another go at uploading a Mr Linky link, but if it doesn't work again, I'll link your post for you.<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

Hazel joined in this week, or should I say 'Messy Jessy'. Here is the link to her post

Sunday, 29 May 2011


That's right, my buddy this week does not want to have her photo taken.
She calls to me each morning and in the middle of the afternoon to let me know she wants feeding. I immediately go out and present her with meal worms and suet.
Honestly, this amazing wild female blackbird (mrs blackie) comes down to me and takes the food without any hesitation.
I am humbled by the fact that a wild bird trusts me in this way.
Watch this space for a photo, because I am sure she will allow me to capture her image one day.

Monday, 23 May 2011


Tomorrow would have been my own very special Crafting Buddies birthday. He would have been 21 yrs old. I try to make a scrapbook page for each memorable occasion and this one is for his K & Co book.
The photo was one of the last we took of Toby in the motorhome. He is curled up on the pillows in the sunshine.
I used some of that massive stock of flowers I made - only 2 left now.

The swirl stamp is one of Tim's which goes really well with this layout.

Sorry about the picture quality of some of these.

I cut out the pattern from one of the papers and used 3D foam to mount it down the side of the page.
So even though my little pal isn't sat on my knee while I craft, he is in my heart where he will stay forever.

Now, Mr Linky has stopped playing with me so if you leave a comment after you have posted about your crafting buddy this week, I will pop along and link it up for you.

Here is Lindsay's little buddy Thomas, playing with his new craft tool!!!!LOL

Monday, 16 May 2011


Just imagine how much crafting you could do if you had eight hands. In my case, that probably would mean I could make 4 mistakes at once rather than just one. See my post later today on my other blog Mytobyjug.
Yesterday was just wonderful, a full day of crafting heaven with Amy and Lindsay.
We had a wonderful visit from Amy's little boy Ben, and despite his 'dress up' face, I wasn't in the least bit scared - he was Spiderman.

On the other hand however, I am scared of spiders and don't really want them to help me craft. This one frightened me as it had 826 legs and weighed 49 stone!!!!!!!
The angle of the picture shows the effect it had on me. the spider was near the ceiling, I was on the floor having fainted and my camera clicked as I went down!!!!!!!
If you believe that you will believe anything.

Right, lets see your crafting pals this week. I'll have another go with Mr Linky, but if he doesn' t want to play again I'll upload a link to your post for you like last week.
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Monday, 9 May 2011


A certain someone has a big birthday tomorrow. Helped by his little pal, Huxley, he intends to have a 'special' day.
2 special, but very naughty daughters, edged on by their husbands too, gave him a surprise party on Saturday then came round on Sunday with all the balloons and banners and decorated our house with them. Some even found their way on my car!!!!!
As you can see, Huxley is a handsome boy. 'Peg leg' Isn't bad either!!!!!!!
Join in the fun this week by posting your pictures of your little buddies on your blog then  link the post below. For those without blogs who want to join in, please email me your photo(s) and I will link them for you.
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Mr Linky is not playing fair today so I will add your link myself.
Here's Lindsay's
Here is Hazel's

Monday, 18 April 2011


I believe gardening is a craft, do you agree? If so, then what you do in your garden counts as art and what you find must therefore be a 'Crafting Buddy' - right?
So yesterday, being a really nice and warm sunny day, was just perfect for the gardening job of power washing the paths. After all, the warmth would help to dry the water and make a rotten job into a not so rotten one.
I moved a pot with a tree fern in and in the fallen leaves behind it was this little buddy.
He was quite happy to be held and seemed to enjoy having his photo taken.
My dilemma was whether to test out the 'kiss' thery, him being quite handsome and! maybe next time.

Saturday, 16 April 2011


Pop over to my other blog for details of some blog candy which will be drawn on MONDAY.

Monday, 11 April 2011

coo COO coo

This little chap appeared from nowhere on Friday.

He seems well enough and certainly wasn't bothered when 'peg'leg' picked him up and put him on a branch high in our spruce tree. His parents have been calling to him constantly since then, trying to encourage him to fly - which he must have done at some point to get this far because he certainly hasn't got a nest in our trees.

He is still there this morning and has only moved once to another branch and turned round once, despite all the gardening I did around him on Saturday. I reckon he was helping me by keeping an eye on me making sure I only pulled up weeds LOL.
Who is keeping an eye on you this week. Post on your blog then upload here for us all to see.

Sunday, 3 April 2011


I've had my eye on these seeds since that lady crafter, who lives here, planted all those flowers last year. I suppose gardening is a type of craft so I guess it's ok that my photo appears on this blog.
Can you see me? Click on the photo and I will get bigger. That's me, just in front of that plant pot. You can tell it's me as I have 4 white feet and lovely long ears. I think I will make a quick dash for that bird suet cake now before I dash off. I may just see you again sometime. Bye.

Monday, 28 March 2011


Hi there, I'm LULU. I don't actually do any craft as there is none at my house, but my Anan has plenty at hers. Trouble is though, I never go there so don't know what craft is all about really.
Here I am on the sofa having another lazy day.
My big brother Frank is upstairs so I can have some peace for a while.
Did you know I am a Korat?
Crafting Buddies is a lovely little place where you can post pictures of other little pals in your house, or even in your friends and families house. Must go, I'm really tired.

Monday, 21 March 2011


......let's see what you look like. Ask your crafting mum or dad to post a little story on their blog about what you have been up to this week.
My little pal today is my lovely step-daughter's pusscat, Tabby cat. She is a beauty, but loaded with attitude - or should that read - catitude!

She is no different to millions of cats in so much that if she wants a cuddle she makes sure she gets one, but if she doesn't, she beats you up!
I managed to tickle her ears, head and under her chin, but 'peg leg' enjoyed tormenting her so he got scratched. Hehe! He still went back for more, and to honest, they both enjoyed themselves.
So, even though I am about 135miles from home, I can still find a crafting buddy - even though neither of us get much crafting done!
Post your little experiences from this week so we can all enjoy the magnificent little helpers that surround us.

Monday, 14 March 2011


Last week, Huxley came to make some grunge flowers, but he is far too busy this week to do any crafting because he is fitting a massive, and very lovely, new kitchen at his own house. So this week my little 'posh' buddy is Megan.
Here she is, strutting her stuff all over a card I am (slowly) making. I hope she doesn't leave any paw prints on that lovely piece of paper because I had a bit of a problem punching around the edge with my Martha Stewart punches. Something to do with - 'instructions' and actually reading them!!!
So, who is helping you to craft this week. Upload your post and link it to this one so that we can all share in the 'goings on' at yours.

Monday, 7 March 2011


Apart from eating, sleeping and going for nice walks, I 'woof' to craft. I've decided to let you see some of my work. Pop over to Crafting Buddies to see.
I've just completed this
It took a bit of time but I got there in the end.
Think I'll make something else now.

Oh! caught in the act!