Monday, 28 February 2011


This is our third week of posts here at Crafting Buddies, and the list of 'little helpers' is so lovely to see. Thank you for joining in. I, for one am thoroughly enjoying all your photos and especially like hearing, first hand, from the fur and feathered participants. Just shows how clever they all are to be able to blog - it took me ages!!!
Well helping me today by sorting the goody bag I got at the Tim Holtz workshop last Thursday, is my little pal GRACE.

Originally, Grace came from Spain so I think she may be a good flamenco dancer. She loves to sit on one of Toby's shelves in the living room, but as you can see, she is having fun playing with my treasures from Tim today.
Who is playing with your craft today. Upload your pictures and let us see.

Monday, 21 February 2011


What a fabulous response to the start of this little blog. Last Monday we had a wide range of 'crafting buddies' photos and it just shows that our little pals are happy crafters too.
My lovely friend Sonia doesn't have a blog so she can't link any posts or photos. However, she emailed me her little 'buddy' photo from last week. Isn't this just so cute.
I hope more crafters upload photos this week because I really had a ball last Monday and a few days later, just browsing through them.

Monday, 14 February 2011


WELCOME to this new blog where only crafting pets roam.
Having been an avid fan of What's on your Workdesk Wednesday for some time, I have noticed how many crafters have little helpers around. With that in mind, I though it may just be nice if we were able to show these 'buddies' off on a blog designed just for them.
However, if like me, you have lost your pal don't worry because I am sure that other 'little friends' may just pop up on occasion, for eg. birds in your garden that you can spy through your workroom window, or maybe a butterfly will find it's way onto your stamp pads. We will all gain pleasure from what I am sure will be, happy photos.
To start the first photos, I thought I would show my very first pusscat, Perdy. She came to live with us 22yrs ago and stayed for 7 before she found a new home with a family a few miles away. As you can see, she was a builder by trade!
This was her just beginning to mix some concrete.
And here she is surveying the walls of the big fish pond she was building. Little did she know at the time, that her big brother (Toby) would eventually leap over the fence on his way home one day, and fall straight into it - it was full of water at the time - and had to swim to the other side to get out. What a wet cat came in through the door that time!!
Job done. Time for a well earned rest.
Ok then, that's my little input, now let's see yours. Just link your blog post containing your photo(s) below, and we can all pop along to see what your CRAFTING BUDDIES are up to this week.

Sunday, 13 February 2011


That's right.
Tomorrow - Monday 14 February 2011 is the date to join in the fun and show us all a photo (or 2 or 3 or......) of your crafting buddy(ies) helping you create your masterpieces.

As you can see, I am being helped today by Toby's little mouse.
I still have a few teething problems with this blog, one of which is irritating. I seem to be working with the old style Blogger so have to find a way of uploading the new one to make it all easier.
See you tomorrow then. x

Thursday, 10 February 2011


This little post is a test to see whether I've got the hang of including Mr Linky at the foot of each post to enable you to include your photos.
Let's see if I've done it.

Thursday, 3 February 2011


First of all may I say A GREAT BIG THANK YOU to the first 4 followers of this little venture. I hope I can pull it off because I am sure that the photos we get to see will be wonderful, just like the precious pets in them.
My first obstacle is linking the html to my other blog, See, it's easy when you are creating a post but not so when trying to link in the sidebar. I'll crack it though.
Also, I want to have a nice blog heading and I have no idea how to go about doing that other than, create a collage and take a photo. If that's the way I have to go, it may take a while.
I've registered with Mr Linky but have to learn how to incorporate him into the end of a post so that photos and blog links can be added by participants.
All this and only a week or so to go. If I don't manage the Linky bit, folk can always write their blog link in the comments. After all, there won't be that many to begin with and hopefully, should it take off, I will have it sorted.
My little pal is no longer with me. He went to another place just over 2 years ago, but it's ok because I can still share a photo every so often even though it won't be of him crafting.

This isn't my Toby nor my budgie, but it's a lovely photo all the same.
Back again soon. x