Tuesday, 23 August 2011


Bit late this week, but as the saying goes, ' better late than never'.
The small pond at ours holds my DH's fish. If he gets money for his birthday or Xmas that he doesn't spend on model aircraft parts or similar, he buys a fish. Earlier this year he bought 2 lovely little comets, white with red tanchos on their head. However, little did he realise that they were THE most 'active' fish in the world!! Get my drift??
Usually the pond water is very clear, but for most of this summer it has been churned up by these activities. Today is no exception.
There is an air bubbler just where they are 'performing' which is on a timer. Just wait 'til that comes on, 'cos that will put a stop to their shenanigans(sp?)
As in previous weeks, if you leave me a link to your buddy post, I will upload it here. I've given up with Mr. Linky.

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