Monday, 27 June 2011


That's right, except for a mouse, I don't have a crafting buddy this week. This pesky little mouse had me awake at 4.45am. I think he is trying to eat the wardrobes!! We just can't can't catch him at all in order to send him packing elsewhere and eat someone else's wardrobes. - Sorry to the person that happens to next, but we have had enough. The birds are busy with their next brood so have moved to a new location and only visit rarely for food now. Our fish are 'at it!!!!' again and have therefore muddied the ponds and I can't see them. I did see the most gorgeous little bright red butterfly (or it could have been a moth) yesterday. Far too quick for a photo. That was a shame as I've never ever seen one like that before.
So, I thought I would show you a photo of a plate we have in the motorhome. We won this on a rally about 18yrs ago and has been in each van since then.
Last week we had baby hogs and a baby Jack Russell. Both so adoring.
Please blog your little pal and I will pop along and link it to this post - obviously let me know you have posted first. This Mr Linky has given up the ghost so the above is the only way forward just now.
Looking forward to seeing who is your buddy this week.

Monday, 20 June 2011


I've been away for nearly a week to a model flying show in the motorhome. This time though, I took some prints with me to alter ready for a re-decorate in the front room.
My little buddy, who lives on a shelf in the back room in the motorhome, kept his eye on me.
Here he is:
He's a little owl and is quite old now. He loves to look out of the window at the countryside but prefers to stay warm and dry inside these days.
What have your crafting buddies been up to this week? Leave a comment with a link to your blog post so we can all have a look. Mr Linky has given up on me - along with Blogger comments - so I won't even try to upload him this time.

Lovely Hazel up in Scotland now has the most adorable Jack Russell puppy called Belle.
Here is a link to her post today:

And just look who Heather had round for a bit of gardening this week.
Here is the link to her post:

Monday, 6 June 2011


This week my buddies are outdoors again as I haven't really done any crafting at all.
There is a female blackbird who visits several times a day and has become so used to me that I am positive if I held a handful of food long enough, she would feed from it. However, it's her husband who I managed to capture on film this time.
He is a gorgeous specimen, proud, wary and has a beautiful voice.

A dish of meal worms and berry suet went down a treat. But - what is this?

It's that pesky little mouse that lives in the brickwork of the big pond. As I was taking a photo of Mr Blackie out popped 'speedy Gonzales'. How I managed to get this photo of him was amazing because once click later he had grabbed his suet and disappeared.

Now then little mouse, are you the pesky little critter that has been waking us up at daft o'clock each morning??? If so, pack it in!!!!!
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Hazel joined in this week, or should I say 'Messy Jessy'. Here is the link to her post