Monday, 14 March 2011


Last week, Huxley came to make some grunge flowers, but he is far too busy this week to do any crafting because he is fitting a massive, and very lovely, new kitchen at his own house. So this week my little 'posh' buddy is Megan.
Here she is, strutting her stuff all over a card I am (slowly) making. I hope she doesn't leave any paw prints on that lovely piece of paper because I had a bit of a problem punching around the edge with my Martha Stewart punches. Something to do with - 'instructions' and actually reading them!!!
So, who is helping you to craft this week. Upload your post and link it to this one so that we can all share in the 'goings on' at yours.


  1. Ah what a sweet Kitty you have there. Hope she doesnt leave you a pressy!!! Love Hazelxoxo

  2. He he, what a posh pusscat Joanne! Am just about to post a (not very good) piccie of my crafting helper from a few years ago. Lindsay x x