Monday, 21 March 2011


......let's see what you look like. Ask your crafting mum or dad to post a little story on their blog about what you have been up to this week.
My little pal today is my lovely step-daughter's pusscat, Tabby cat. She is a beauty, but loaded with attitude - or should that read - catitude!

She is no different to millions of cats in so much that if she wants a cuddle she makes sure she gets one, but if she doesn't, she beats you up!
I managed to tickle her ears, head and under her chin, but 'peg leg' enjoyed tormenting her so he got scratched. Hehe! He still went back for more, and to honest, they both enjoyed themselves.
So, even though I am about 135miles from home, I can still find a crafting buddy - even though neither of us get much crafting done!
Post your little experiences from this week so we can all enjoy the magnificent little helpers that surround us.

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  1. As you know mine are not so much a help, more a distraction, oh and of course there not real..or are they!!!
    Minxy x