Monday, 9 May 2011


A certain someone has a big birthday tomorrow. Helped by his little pal, Huxley, he intends to have a 'special' day.
2 special, but very naughty daughters, edged on by their husbands too, gave him a surprise party on Saturday then came round on Sunday with all the balloons and banners and decorated our house with them. Some even found their way on my car!!!!!
As you can see, Huxley is a handsome boy. 'Peg leg' Isn't bad either!!!!!!!
Join in the fun this week by posting your pictures of your little buddies on your blog then  link the post below. For those without blogs who want to join in, please email me your photo(s) and I will link them for you.
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Mr Linky is not playing fair today so I will add your link myself.
Here's Lindsay's
Here is Hazel's

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  1. WOah Mr Linky really is not playing. Here is my link for Marble. Been busy with non craft stuff so not been doing much Creatively!!!
    /Love H xx