Monday, 10 October 2011


We have a little problem. Infact, we have had this problem for the last 23 years!!!
He came to live with us when I was a manager and my staff bought him for me as a joke. Some joke!! It's a case of 'the monkey on your back'. A saying that is used when there is a problem and you need to off load it.
He has caused both laughter and tears and obviously gets the blame when things go wrong. At the moment he is living in the motorhome and only manages to creep into the house when we are not looking.
I caught him on the phone when we were away the other week and that was after he had been playing 'T's' guitar!!!!!
What a little monkey!
What has your little monkey been up to lately? Leave a comment with a link to your post so we can pop over and see.


  1. Ah What a cheeky Monkey you have there. Im showing off 2 Crafty Buddies this week Hope you like them. Love Hazelxo
    Here they are !!!

  2. awe, who would believe it! he looks so cute! ♥

    My monkey has learnt she can climb the curtains this week and also jump up onto my workdesk.. is there no where safe!

    You can see her giving my latest Atc's a closer inspection!! Here.

    Thanks for calling if you get the chance.

    Have a great week. Gez.xx