Monday, 16 May 2011


Just imagine how much crafting you could do if you had eight hands. In my case, that probably would mean I could make 4 mistakes at once rather than just one. See my post later today on my other blog Mytobyjug.
Yesterday was just wonderful, a full day of crafting heaven with Amy and Lindsay.
We had a wonderful visit from Amy's little boy Ben, and despite his 'dress up' face, I wasn't in the least bit scared - he was Spiderman.

On the other hand however, I am scared of spiders and don't really want them to help me craft. This one frightened me as it had 826 legs and weighed 49 stone!!!!!!!
The angle of the picture shows the effect it had on me. the spider was near the ceiling, I was on the floor having fainted and my camera clicked as I went down!!!!!!!
If you believe that you will believe anything.

Right, lets see your crafting pals this week. I'll have another go with Mr Linky, but if he doesn' t want to play again I'll upload a link to your post for you like last week.
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  1. Love your pussy cat he/she is so yummy and totally (as all cats) knows it lol My cat has had kittens one week old today.

    Now your spider (on the ceiling) not the little boy ;) I had a spidy exp yesterday (and I am not normally scared of them at all) but when you start the car and start driving only to feel one walking across your face (spotted in the mirror) Well I had a wee panic! ew very naughty of you to remind me of my horror yesterday lol I was totally fine after that well my head is itching at the thought but I am fine

    Love Dawn xx