Monday, 29 August 2011


I was searching through my picture package and came across this lovely photo - my gorgeous Toby, not me.
Not sure when this was taken, but it was obviously during a stint away in the motorhome.
Toby always found a lap to lie on no matter how uncomfortable he was, but he was the very best buddy ever, never questioning, never expecting anything more than companionship and food and always full of love. How lucky we have been to have known him.
Who are you sharing your knee with this week??


  1. awe, what a wonderful pic ♥

    I have just had a wonderful cuddle with my new furbaby.. I feel quite cold now she's not sat on me!

    You can meet Smudge Here!. Thanks for calling if you get the chance. Gez.xx

  2. Aww! Gez, this is such an amazing little pusscat. Thank you for linking her to Crafting Buddies so that we all can enjoy her beauty. Without wanting her to grow too quickly, I am keen to see how her crafting progresses......
    Hugs Joanne xx
    commented as LiveJournal due to the problem (soon to be addressed -I hope)with Google.