Monday, 6 June 2011


This week my buddies are outdoors again as I haven't really done any crafting at all.
There is a female blackbird who visits several times a day and has become so used to me that I am positive if I held a handful of food long enough, she would feed from it. However, it's her husband who I managed to capture on film this time.
He is a gorgeous specimen, proud, wary and has a beautiful voice.

A dish of meal worms and berry suet went down a treat. But - what is this?

It's that pesky little mouse that lives in the brickwork of the big pond. As I was taking a photo of Mr Blackie out popped 'speedy Gonzales'. How I managed to get this photo of him was amazing because once click later he had grabbed his suet and disappeared.

Now then little mouse, are you the pesky little critter that has been waking us up at daft o'clock each morning??? If so, pack it in!!!!!
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Hazel joined in this week, or should I say 'Messy Jessy'. Here is the link to her post

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  1. WOAHHH Mr Linky no likey me. It just came up with a whole page of text when I pressed it. WOW How quick you must have been to get the wee Mousey!!! Love it.
    Here is Messy Jessy today as Marble is way to busy playing in her wheel!!! Here she is!
    Love Hazelxoxo