Monday, 11 April 2011

coo COO coo

This little chap appeared from nowhere on Friday.

He seems well enough and certainly wasn't bothered when 'peg'leg' picked him up and put him on a branch high in our spruce tree. His parents have been calling to him constantly since then, trying to encourage him to fly - which he must have done at some point to get this far because he certainly hasn't got a nest in our trees.

He is still there this morning and has only moved once to another branch and turned round once, despite all the gardening I did around him on Saturday. I reckon he was helping me by keeping an eye on me making sure I only pulled up weeds LOL.
Who is keeping an eye on you this week. Post on your blog then upload here for us all to see.

1 comment:

  1. Hi,
    I cant figure out what bird it is? The coo coo made me think it must be a dove but as Ive never seen a bay dove Im non the wiser! He looks healthy just a bit lonely!

    Heres my Poppy on a break from crafting last week when we went to the river!
    The post below sets the scene of Honey watching her swim!

    Keryn x