Monday, 12 September 2011


They know how to do it eh!
How come it takes me hours to get comfy in bed (although my bed is soooo comfy) but it takes a pusscat a nano second to snuggle down and fall asleep?
This is Lucy (Lulu) my son's female Korat. She always has a greeting for you, unlike Frank, her brother, who is a big scaredy cat and runs a mile or never even bothers to make an appearance.
Unfortunatley, I haven't seen her for some time now so miss a cuddle. But, isn't she a beauty?
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Monday, 5 September 2011


My crafty pal this week is so super fit, but he does have to have a short break between exercises.

Huxley, office dog to Quentin James Designs and talkative Tibetan Terrier, takes regular exercise this way!!
He keeps his 'stealth-like' figure by working out and eating sausages and pork pies!! Now there's some one after my own heart! - the food not the workout!
He is taking a well earned rest this week, from all his office duties, and vacationing up north.
What is your buddy doing this week?
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