Monday, 12 March 2012


My DH nipped out yesterday to his daughter's and found this on our path when he came home:
I'm not 100% sure what bird it is, but think it's either a coal tit or a marsh tit. We both knew it was poorly otherwise it would have tried to fly off. It had either flown into something or was old because there wasn't a mark on it.
He turned a big plant pot on its side and placed the bird in it together with some special seed mix, and a little shallow dish of water just to the side. I kept an eye on everything whilst cooking dinner, but sadly the little bird came out, turned round and then slipped away. I was heart broken and rushed out to it.
Today I will bury it along with a few flowers. So sad, but that's life as they say.
I hope your little pals are more energetic this week. Please do join in and share them with us.


  1. Awe poor little guy. One time one of our cats brought a baby bunny to us. They didn't hurt it , it didn't seem too traumatized and even ate well, but it died the next day and I cried.

  2. Oh this is sad Joanne but just think, you provided him with warmth and shelter, food and water which would be better than him being out in the cold and passing away. He could have died from shock after an attack. It doesn't take a lot even if they are unharmed, poor little things. Just know that you did all that you could. Big hugs Clare xxx