Monday, 13 February 2012


Well, last week I reported that we had had a buzzard in the garden. Through the week more and more of these have appeared:
Look at the little black bits amongst the dirt of the winter. Also here:

A little blurred, but you can make out feathers all over the bare stems of a clematis.
Further towards the front of the garden are 2 more patches. I daren't look today to whether there are any more. My guess is the black feathers belong to starlings who come down in their dozens. I was so worried they belonged to Mr Blackie, but I've seen both him and his missus.
So, I'm afraid I have no little buddies to show you this week, just where some have been.
What are your pals up to this week? Leave a comment with the link to where you are showing them off so we can come along and have a look. x

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