Saturday, 22 January 2011


Crafting Buddies.
How many of us have or indeed, have had,  furry or feathered crafting buddies?
I started my original blog Mytobyjug based on just that - my furry little buddy, Toby. A gorgeous chocolate Burmese cat who was a constant companion no matter where I was. I am not going to dwell on that because I wanted to start this blog on a happy note which I hope will continue should you so desire.

My idea is for you to upload a photo, on a regular basis, of your crafting pets. Over the weeks I have followed, and taken part in, WOYWW, run by Julia Dunnitt, and many crafters have shown photos of their pets either helping or hindering (as if they could) in their craft spaces. I would love this blog to be for them.

Before I go any further though, I wonder whether you consider it to be a good idea. Perhaps a few comments from you would help. I would like to know if a weekly post is too much or whether every 2 weeks would be better. If I can get Mr Linky to upload I suggest that would be the best way to upload photos and the relevant post on your blog.

I think the idea should be thrown about for a few weeks, so I shall set the date of


to either begin or not, as the case may be. Please spread the word and we will see what happens.


  1. Great idea. I know I would enjoy a blog of this type. I'm sure there would be heart warming stories and photos.

  2. heLoO aUntIE jOAnnE, dis iZ aLfiEcaT lEEVinG YUo a mIssIGdE CuZ i wUd ReeLEy LiKE tO aPpEeaRe oN yUr nU BLoG cUz I aM a haNsuM bOyE, Mi mUMmY sEz DiS aWLL tHe TyMe!
    bIg PuRRrrZ aNd A bIG kIZZ frUm aLFiE xxxxx

  3. So sorry about that Joanne, I don't know, I turn my back for five minutes and the little monkey nicks onto my lappy!! YES! this is a FAB idea... mainly cos I love showing off my AlfieCat and seeing all those other crafty furbabies helping us out... lotsa love hun xx

  4. Great idea Joanne and I will look forward to seeing some cute pictures of "helpful" furbabies! I have a picture of Cherry assisting me but will have to see if I can scan it succesfully to upload it - pre digital camera of course. Not sure if pigeons count, but the camera is ready! Lindsay x x
    PS love the picture of Toby

  5. Lovely idea! My cat is in the dog house as he uedmy bathrom mas as a litter tray today!! But when he is being good he does love to sit on sheets of pretty paper and scoop buttns across th floor. I can't leave feathers out though as he thinks they are birds and attacks them!

  6. The picture of your beautiful Burmese really brings a lump to my throat, remembering our last three beauties. Pepe was a lilac Burmese, long legged and elegant. Ben was a dark chocolate Burmese, with a kinked tail (broken in the nest),cuddly and loving. Mac was a red Burmese, named for Mack the knife, always diving in and out, trying to be top cat in the house. Burmese are such people cats, aren't they.

  7. Brilliant idea - I will have to keep my camera out and ready for shots of my boys "helping"

  8. Lol @ Hels!,
    and I think it's a fab idea too!!
    It would be great to see all those 'crafty' pets. To start I would go weekly, you can always change at a later date.. just give us the heads up and will post about it.
    Marlene, Jinx, Ollie & Eddie x

  9. Hi
    I've actually posted an item on my blog called My Crafting Buddy and it was a picture of my 8 month old kitten. Not sure if it is something I would do on a regular basis as there are only so many poses Tallula will do, lol, but I like the idea.
    Luv Hev

  10. Oh yes, yes, yes, that is a great idea and I would definitely participate! Toby is just gorgeous and I love the kitties videos at the top of your other blog! There are tons of kitty lovers out there.